Non Performing Commercial Note Pools

If you are a bank, or other investor looking to buy non performing commercial note pools or individual non performing commercial notes, we can help. Through our numerous sources, contacts and significant web presence, we receive a steady stream of non performing commercial note pools available for sale. These non performing note pools often contain some performing commercial notes including commercial notes that are under water aka, upside down commercial notes.

Simply give us a call to let us know your criteria for buying non performing commercial note pools or individual commercial non performing notes and we will search our database as well as contact our sellers and seller reps to locate the notes you are interested in purchasing. Call us at 1-877-655-5625 and ask for Ron Stone. He’ll take it from there.

One thought on “Non Performing Commercial Note Pools

  1. Does your firm ever sell individual notes on shopping centers?

    If you are acquiring portfolios, we are interested in purchasing “one off” notes on shopping centers in the southeast.

    We own 20 properties and are looking to add to our portfolio.

    We close all cash and quickly for the right deal.

    Highest regards,

    Jeff Enck
    Vice President of Acquisitions

    Blue Ridge Capital, LLC
    3715 Northside Parkway
    Suite 2-450
    Atlanta, GA 30327
    678-298-1096 (direct)
    404-364-9095 (fax)
    404-849-1631 (cell)

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