Non Performing Commercial Note Buyers

We have just teamed up with some very deep pocket non performing commercial note buyers if you or a bank you represent needs to sell large non performing commercial notes or pools. Brokers and Commercial Loan Sale Advisers welcome. We will consider non performing commercial loans or non performing commercial loan pools with an unpaid balance of $10 Million and up, nationwide. We are also non performing residential note pool buyers (UPB of $5 Million or more) These are cash transactions, no financing on our investor’s parts. We know this business so closings can be in as short a time as 2 weeks. Call your non performing commercial note buyers and ask for Ron Stone @ 1-877-655-5625


3 thoughts on “Non Performing Commercial Note Buyers

    I have a $58,000 note for sale, paying $600 per month at 10% interest all due in less than 2 years. Buyer paid $65,000 with $7,000 Down and had a credit score in the 600′s and is now greater than that. He has been in the property more than 3 years and has paid on time consistently. (Make offer) My name is Gary Tweed with Tweed Investments Inc., email: or call
    479-353-8782. Thank you and we will look foreword to all offers.

    $45,000 at 10% Interested $400 per month “MAKE OFFER” contact Gary at or call 479-353-8782
    The buyer has been a tenant since 2003

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    Thank you -Candelaria

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