Upside Down Note Buyers

We get calls here and there from note holders looking for upside down note buyers. First, for notes of $160,000 and above, we are an upside down note buyer. When pricing upside down notes, upside down note buyers focus primarily on the value of the property in relation to the balance of the note. Obviously, the wider that gap, the greater the discount by an upside down note buyer. If you are interested in selling an upside down note (Bank or owner financed notes), give us a call. 1-877-655-5625 Ask for Ron Stone.

Underwater Note Buyers

Many private mortgage or deed of trust notes created during the real estate boom and some since are now underwater. I even saw a note created in April 2010 where the property had dropped in value by nearly 30 percent since then. Selling underwater notes can be difficult as many real estate note buyers avoid these underwater notes situations. Fortunately, we are underwater note buyers for all states. We prefer underwater notes on homes valued at $175,000 to $450,000 but will consider smaller and larger homes with underwater notes on a case by case basis. So, if you are looking for an underwater note buyer to sell an underwater note to, give us a call today. Ask for Ron at 1-877-655-5625