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Looking For Non Performing Commercial Note Pools or Large Non Performing Notes?

If you are a Bank, Hedge Fund, REIT or other investor looking for non performing note pools, you've come to the right place.

We receive a constant flow of non performing commercial note pools either direct from sellers of from seller representatives.

So what's our process for buying non performing commercial notes?

Basically, we take your specific criteria regarding non performing commercial notes you wish to buy, including minimum and maximum unpaid balances, geography, property types, etc. We then search our existing pools (although we don't have many pools available at any one time as they move quickly due to a lot of appetite for these non performing commercial note pools) for a match. If we don't have a match we approach our sellers and seller reps to see if they have any pools that fit and to make them aware of your needs. It often doesn't take too long for available pools to become available. So call today to discuss your non performing commercial note buying needs.

Note: We sometimes get performing commercial note pools or combination of non performing as well as performing commercial note pools. Call and ask for Ron Stone @ 1-877-655-5625.



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