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How to buy mortgage notes - Buying mortgage notes can be very profitable

Here are two possible ways you can buy mortgage notes.

First, you can specify the criteria you are looking for in a private mortgage note. I get inquiries on notes that don't fit my criteria every day that might be a fit for you as an investor. When I get an inquiry that appears to be a fit for you, I will contact you to go over the note's particulars to see if you are interested. These notes can be in all 50 states. If you don't limit your geography too much, I should be able to provide you lots of opportunities to buy mortgage notes. You would be able to buy these notes at a discount. They can be first position notes or seconds. They can range from $30,000 to $300,000 and up. They notes can also be on residential, multi-family or commercial properties. Down payments or equity in the properties can vary widely, just as the seasoning on the note and the credit of the borrower. If you are unfamiliar with note discounting, visit my web page explaining note discounting at note discounting.

Option number two is to buy mortgage notes from an investor's note inventory that are readily available for purchase now. These notes are essentially already discounted as most are earning 15% with LTVs (Loan to values) of between 25% and 50% so they go at face value. You will be able to talk directly with the investor to determine if you are interested in buying these mortgage notes. This option could put you in the note buying business virtually immediately. It doesn't get any easier than this.

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