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Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Others and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer Much Higher Pricing - 1-877-655-5625, Ask For Ron Stone

US Note Buyer is a website of U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc. We specialize in purchasing Owner Financed Real Estate Notes. We are also commercial mortgage note buyers (Closings in as little as 10 Days once all paperwork is in.)

To learn about our commercial non performing bank notes pools available go to our page on non performing commercial notes pools.

Following is a partial list (Call should you have an income stream that is not on this partial list) - Non-Seasoned mortgage notes (some states), commercial notes, Partial Payment Purchases - Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. We pride ourselves on answering all your questions no matter how small.

“Ron’s quote was quite a bit higher than other buyer's quotes I received. Also, he took the time to fully understand my particular situation and go over the selling process. He also did exactly what he said he would, despite numerous complications that were not his fault that came up. He earned my trust, which is not an easy thing to do. I would highly recommend him and his company.” Jim S., Bloomingdale, GA More Testimonials

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Did you know that you can cash out a portion of your payments (X number of months) as opposed to selling the entire stream? Inquire about our partial purchase program for great value due to the lower risk to an investor.

So why choose U.S. Funding Solutions to sell your monthly payments to? We are a national purchaser of private owner financed notes. We pride ourselves on paying the highest price in the industry. Also, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and have the ability to fund your sale quickly. Bottom line is we do what we say we will do. We also return ALL calls promptly, usually within 1 hour during business hours and within 2 hours on the weekend.


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Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Others and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


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Despite what the Government tells us, the blue line on the chart below shows why now is a good time to sell your income stream. At a real inflation rate of almost 10%, what will your payments really be worth in 15, 20 or 30 years?

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Frequently Asked Selling Questions

1. What determines how much I will receive when I sell my monthly payments? There are 5 main factors that buyers consider. They are: Equity in the property, seasoning (number of payments), the amortization period, the interest rate and lastly the credit of the borrower.

2. Is an appraisal necessary? Sometimes. It depends on the equity and dollar amount and possibly credit of the borrowers.

3. Do you need to check the credit of the borrower(s)? Yes, it is an important factor in determining what it's worth.

4. Can I sell a mobile home mortgage? Yes, when they include the land and the mobile home is permanently attached to the property.

5. Are you buyers for income on raw land? Yes.

6. Are you a commercial loan buyers? Yes, for private business properties.

7. Can I still get a quote if I don't know the credit of the payor? We will provide you with a quote based on your best guess and adjust (up or down) the price after credit is pulled.

8. Can I sell a Land Contract to you? Yes. If however you have an underlying bank loan, it will have to be paid off.

9. Are you purchasers in Texas? Yes.

10. Are you California purchasers? Yes.

11. What do you need to give me a quote? The date of the sale of the home or business properties. The sales price, down payment and original loan amount. Also, when the first payment was made, the terms of the financing and the current balance (we can calculate this if you don't have it).


So Just What Information Will You Need for a Quote?

We will need the following information:

1. The sales price of the owner financed real estate

2. The down payment amount

3. The original loan amount

4. The interest rate and amortization period

5. Is there a baloon payment and if so what is the balloon date?

6. The balloon amount

7. The date of the first payment

8. Current balance, although we can usually calculate it

9. Estimated credit for your buyer

10. Is the property owner occupied?

11. The type property, i.e. Single Family Residence, mobile home, business real estate (and type), etc.

12. The address of the home and any special information on the property

13. A current estimated value



What Documents Do You Require?

We require a) A copy of the Promissory, b) a copy of the Deed of Trust or Mortgage depending on the state, c) Proof of payments (not just your hand written receipt), d) the settlement statement, e) copy of the title work if available and f) Social Security number and address if different from the property's address to pull credit. These documents are not required for a quote.

Partial Sales

Selling a partial note is a great way to get a lump sum of cash while retaining years of income or the note's balloon. A partial sale is simply the best way to get cash out while taking the least amount of discount on your future income. You might even want to treat your owner financed cash flow like a piggy bank and sell a part of the payments several times. Should you just sell some, at the end of the period purchased, should all go well most purchasers would generally want to purchase the balance of stream and most likely price these payments with a lower discount as they've experienced dealing first hand with the borrower.




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